Learning Chemistry
Must Be Enjoyable


Learning Chemistry
Must Be Enjoyable

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(Check out our top performers in recent A ‘Level examinations).

Please also note that we do not select our students, we offer help to anyone with a keen interest to work hard and improve their grades. A significant proportion of our students come from non-elite colleges.

Trusted By Thousands

He is the primary reason why students flock to Making Sense. Widely seen by students and parents as “the guy to go for” when one needs help in Chemistry, William displays immense passion for teaching, which has transformed the grades and perceptions of countless students towards Chemistry, from their most feared subject to one of their favourite.

In this result-driven industry, students often change tutors the moment “things don’t look too good”. For a tutor to coach over 500 students is an achievement not easily matched by many across the nation.

Best Across The Nation

Mr William has appeared on TV, national newspaper, SMRT station display panels and various magazines.

His lessons are dynamic, amazingly effective and enlightening. They are ever so well-received, and his students all look forward to attending his class every week! (Read his testimonials) . What he does with his students is magical and cannot be easily replicated elsewhere. There is something uniquely special in his classes; you just have to sit in to experience it yourself!

Top Quality Materials

Every year, we match our materials against those of the best colleges and try to better them. Our notes are well-structured: detailed yet concise, and they are so easy to read that it flows like a novel. If we were to compile our notes into a book for sale in commercial bookstores, it may be one of the best sellers. However, our best notes are reserved only for students of Making Sense. Many of our students rely heavily on our notes to ace their examinations. These are one of their most powerful tools to help them stay ahead of the national average.

Flexible Schedule

We specialise only in Chemistry. Hence, we offer multiple time slots for the same level and subject within the same week. No stress when you cannot make it for your usual slot, there is always a makeup class available for you. With this flexibility, even the busiest of students will be able to find a slot to attend.

Free Unlimited Consultations

We are conscious that students require individual attention. They may need to clarify concepts, or need help to solve questions. Thus, we encourage our students to arrange for one-to-one consultations whenever they need extra coaching. We are so glad to offer this service to our students completely free of charge . We really want our students to maximise their learning with us.


Every student is unique

The Best Tuition

Explore more than 150 programs from the undergraduate to doctoral levels that will challenge your thinking, deepen your faith and prepare you for a life of impact.

Learn With Us.

Work with only the best. Thousands of students have achieved astounding success with our award-winning tutor. As a leading A’Level and O’ Level Chemistry tuitioncentre, Making Sense offers the best H2/H1 Chemistry tuition for JC & O’ Level students. We will make Chemistry fun and simple. Experience your breakthrough with us!

To provide the best Chemistry tuition for students, we strive to develop top quality teaching materials that are on par or perhaps better than the top colleges. Every year, we invest a huge amount of time reviewing and enhancing our materials. Our tutors engaged in multiple brainstorming sessions, hold intense discussions and review tons of examination scripts to scout for the latest trends to popular questions. This constant reviewing process ensures that our A’ level and O’ level Chemistry tuition materials are always relevant to the latest syllabus and of the best quality. Our top-notch materials truly give students of Making Sense a strong edge against their peers –over 97% of our students show improvement in their grades, firmly establishing Making Sense as perhaps the best Chemistry tuition for A’ and O’ level in Singapore.

Dunman High School

“ Joining Making Sense is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I was blown away in that one lesson by the ease in which you helped us to realise concepts, link topics together and remember things. I think it’s safe to say that if you lectured in a school, no one would be skipping lectures ever again. ”